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1.3 Kilometer Access Road In Construction
Using PG45, This Access Road Through A Sub-Division Will Be Grass When Completed. To Be Hyrdoseeded in 2015.
Peterbough, Ont

14 Pictures

Cherokee Fair Grounds
Cherokee, NC

20 Pictures

Plaza Parking Strip
PG45 and gravel used to create parking spots.
Monterrey, Mx

9 Pictures

Put To Extreme Use.
Using Garden Grid, the contractor was able to complete the work at the Cricket Club without further ruining the field.

15 Pictures

Driveways, Pathways, Sidewalks
Created using Porous Paving In 212 Cabin Project.
Cultus Lake, British Columbia

15 Pictures

Golf Cart Path
Costa Rica.

15 Pictures

Solving maintenance issues on the Golf Course.

28 Pictures

Downtown Toronto.
After digging and repairs to the boiler, the parking area affected is being finished using Porous Paving, instead of asphalt.
Toronto, Ontario

12 Pictures

Costa Rica Residential Driveway
A Gravel Driveway By Zircotech Corporation SA, Using PG45.
Guanacaste, CR

14 Pictures

Hillside Farms Parking Lot.
A Grass Parking Lot Installed Using PG45.
Shavertown, PA

8 Pictures

Fire lane. Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.
Burlington, Canada

48 Pictures

Keele Pumping Station - Firelane.
Toronto, Canada

13 Pictures

A new driveway for the cottage.
Lake-Of-Bays, Ontario

15 Pictures

PG45 At McMaster University In Progress.
Walkway Installation At the General Sciences Building In The Garden Area.
Bicycle Racks Pads Being Redone, Providing A Stable Base.
Hamilton, Ontario

22 Pictures

Playa Zoni Gravel Roads
Gravel Roads Using PG45.
Vieques, PR

10 Pictures

Polytechnical School Parking Lot
San Jose, Costa Rica.

14 Pictures

Pre-School Play Ground
San Jose, Costa Rica.

30 Pictures

Used To Create A Natural Grass Drivable Area To The Lower Garage
Puslinch, Ontario

33 Pictures

Creating A Playable Surface For Basketball In The Backyard.
Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec

29 Pictures

PG45 Residential Grass Driveway.
Toronto, Ontario

7 Pictures

Residential Additional Parking Spot
A Grass Parking Area Installed Using PG45.
Montreal, Quebec

7 Pictures

Unique Residential Driveway
PG45 / Grass and Paver Stones.
Bobcaygeon, Ontario

2 Pictures

Residential Driveway / Parking Area
PG45 and gravel.
Valley Center, CA

11 Pictures

Creating A Natural Grass Drivable Area To The Back Yard Garage
Toronto, Ontario

11 Pictures

PG45 Residential Driveway Installation In Progress.
My daughter was very helpful for installing the grid. In fact, once she figured out where the hooks needed to be placed, she installed them on her own.
Gatineau, QC

5 Pictures

Backyard Parking? Turn That Space Into A Green Area.
Before Pictures Only, Work In Progress

11 Pictures

Turning That Gravel Driveway Into A Green Driveway.
Los Angeles, California

22 Pictures

Windfarm Parking Lot.
A Gravel Parking Lot Installed At The Windfarm Maintenance Sub-Station Using PG45.
Santa Isablla, Puerto Rico

6 Pictures

Designed For Park Maintenance Vehicular Access. Grass Instead Of Concrete.
Town Of Ajax, Canada

12 Pictures

Incorporated into the landscape for grass firelanes.
Thornhill, Canada

17 Pictures

Trade Shows
Display your equipment effectively at shows using Garden Grid for the flooring.

6 Pictures

Municiple Tree Pits Solutions
Cost Effective Solutions using PG45 / Aggregate and Resin Binder.
Montreal, QC

8 Pictures

Porous Paving - Various Pictures

45 Pictures

Unique Parc Walkway
Excellent Porous Walkway using PG45 / Aggregate and Resin Binder.
Montreal, QC

11 Pictures

The Vin Villa Project required a grassy, walkable surface for tourists, drainage and water retention.
Pelee Island, Canada

24 Pictures